Schoot Pricing

12 month subscription paid either monthly or annually offers unlimited access to all training and the Schoot collaboration facility.

Our pricing structure is based upon your school size.
To calculate the exact costs for your school, click GET STARTED and then REGISTER prior to SIGNING UP to your SCHOOT Subscription.

What’s included?

  • Access over 300 online training courses covering curriculum teaching and learning, assessment, early years, governance, inspection, leadership and management, SEND, pupil premium, education briefings and much more
  • Access downloadable training at any time, in bitesize chunks and return to it when it suits you
  • Download materials and training and share in staff meetings or training days
  • Enable users to access all training courses on the site, relevant to their needs
  • Assign training courses to staff members and see their course progress
  • Download certificates when courses are completed
  • Join national Schoot collaboration groups
  • Set up collaboration groups just for your school
  • Set up collaboration groups for your cluster,
    consortium or MAT
  • Share documents with your groups
  • Share ideas and discussions securely with other Schoot members
  • Access resources and documents shared by other Schoot users
  • Reduce staff workload, improve well being

Answers to your questions

Is there a limit to how many courses I can access?

No, you can access every course on the platform as many times as you wish or as requied?

Can all my staff access all the courses?

Yes, all staff, teachers, governors, trustees and teaching assistants etc can access all the courses. So there is no need for staff to share with colleagues the information they received on a training course, as all your staff can access the whole session themselves.

How long is my contract?

The contract is a 12 month subscription that can be paid either annually or monthly.

Beyond year 1, the ongoing subscription can be cancelled with a 3 month notice period. 

Can I use the materials for staff training and lead it myself?

Yes, lots of schools do this. One member of staff could access the training and become familiar with the material and then use the course video clips and documents to deliver this live, with their own interjections in a staff meeting for all your staff.

Do I need all the licences you offer?

We have calculated carefully and allocated you more licences than we think you’ll need, so we anticipate there will be no additional costs for additional users. We have calculated the number of licenses to include all leaders, teachers and teaching assistants and a few extra!

What if I need more licences?

In the unlikely event of you needing more licences we can provide more. Additional licences come at a very small fee. Go through our registration process to identify your exact subscription fee, based on any additional users you require.

Can I chat and collaborate with anyone on the schoot site?

Yes, just search for them on the platform and message them directly. They will have to accept your invitation to start a conversation.

How long is each training session?

Sessions usually last for 2 hours or 6 hours. A few sessions last for 3 hours. However, the advantage of Schoot online training is that you can access the training for as long as you like, spending more time on some aspects, sessions and tasks and less time on others.

What format is the training in?

All documents (PDFs, Word and Excel) are made available for you to access and keep, for use within your own institution . In most of our training the documents help you get a job done, so in some of the training you will complete the documents during the training session.

The course PowerPoint is recorded with a voiceover onto an MP4 video (by one of our experienced trainers) which you can stop and start, as you move through the training.

Is my data secure?

Yes, all your data is secure.

This means that we do everything that is technically possible to protect it – we don’t share it, we don’t sell it.

There is a two factor authentication (username and password) and other confirmation required to login to the platform.