About us 

Inspiring Successful Educators

We’re changing the world of  training and collaboration for school teachers, leaders and those responsible for governance.

About our highly experienced team

The concept of Schoot has been developed by Educational and IT professionals in the UK.

In the education field, we work closely with our partners ECM Education who have over 30 years’ experience as teachers, senior leaders, head teachers and advisers with a background in school improvement, inspection and with over 10 years’ experience in writing and delivering training on a full range of relevant themes.

In the IT field, our team are experts and innovators in software product development.  Prior to Schoot, our team have created products for a large number of leading brands across the UK and are well versed in ensuring the products meet high standards from a user experience, availability and security perspective. 

We started by asking questions.

What did schools want and need?

Leaders wanted high quality, on demand training to fit around the staff’s busy schedules. They wanted flexibility as well as increased access for all staff to the same training at times to suit them.

Leaders wanted pertinent training that offered solutions that were relevant and constantly updated. They also wanted the ability to collaborate and share recourses and discuss ideas with colleagues in the same school and across the whole education community. Finally, they wanted to save time, share resources and access affordable training whilst at the same time improving staff and pupil performance.

We listened to all your views and created Schoot.

Schoot helps in securing staff well-being through promoting an efficient use of time, cutting edge recourses and CPD with the ability to assign courses to staff members, maintain a CPD record for all staff and enabling everyone to access the same high quality training direct from the trainer.

Our Schoot Collaboration Platform allows all our members to create their own networks. This allows them to join in the conversation with other groups with shared interests and roles & responsibilities to exchange ideas, resources, documents, best practice and education research.

Schoot provides affordable, flexible training with a consistent approach and quality where delegates get a job done or have an opportunity to develop new learning and practical approaches.

Schoot provides users with the ability to network and share ideas with schools across the country, enabling collaboration between CEOs, headteachers, governors, subject leaders & teachers and leaders at all levels of education.