The unique all-in-one solution for school CPD planning, training and impact evaluation.

 Plan, implement, manage and report the impact of your whole-school CPD plan through a single platform: Schoot.
Move away from the traditional ‘busy chaos’ of whole-school CPD planning and management, to a calmer, more strategic approach that provides busy educators with the planning framework, resources, courses and impact reporting tools they need to drive improved learning outcomes – all in one place.

Designed for busy school leaders

Easy, highly effective CPD planning, tracking & reporting

As all school leaders know, whole-school CPD is fundamentally important to driving improved learning outcomes for pupils.  

A sound plan that is implemented and executed effectively ensure that all teachers, teaching assistants and governors are clear about the knowledge, skills and expertise they need to do a great job so that overall, they are able to provide outstanding outcomes for their pupils.

Common challenges with CPD Planning and training

As a group of former head teachers and advisors, we have first-hand experience of the challenges leaders and teachers face with CPD planning, training and impact reporting.

  • Coordinating, organizing and timetabling training for an entire staff is complex and time-consuming.
  • CPD training is sourced from various providers making it difficult to keep track of.
  • Tracking, monitoring and evidencing the CPD plan and progress of every individual is challenging and time consuming.
  • Financial pressures mean not all staff are able to access the extent of CPD they want and need.
  • All the above can result in inconsistency of quality of learning across year groups, or classes within the same year group.

Clarity, visibility and excellence of CPD

From planning to impact evaluation, Schoot provides all the tools, resources, training and peer learning support you need, as and when you need it, on-demand.


A step by step approach to
creating your CPD plan

Follow our sequenced approach to developing your whole-school CPD plan

Gain access to high-quality planning resources and toolkits, developed specifically for UK schools in line with Ofsted guidelines.

Save all CPD training resources (Schoot courses and external courses) directly into your plan, and access from a central dashboard – no more hunting!

All staff get access to Schoot’s 300+ CPD courses.

Auto-enroll staff on relevant courses to them

Set deadlines for the completion of the training


At a glance tracking of CPD progress for individuals and whole-school

Progress bars’ indicate which courses have been completed on an individual and whole school basis

Self-managing CPD through automated progress tracking and reminders. Helping staff stay on track, and leaders to stay informed


Generate CPD progress reports and evidence of impact, from a single hub

Quick and easy access to reports and evidence of CPD training and impact on learning

Digital certificates are autogenerated upon completion of a course

What people say about Schoot

Hundreds of educational settings across the UK rely on Schoot every day to plan, coordinate, train and track CPD activity at individual and across the whole-school.

See Schoot in action

Easy, highly effective CPD planning, tracking & reporting

Schoot has been created by educators for educators: MATs, primary schools, secondary schools and SEND schools. Whether you have 10 pupils or 10,000 Schoot provides the depth, breadth and quality of CPD to enable you to plan, deliver and evaluate the impact of your CPD.