High Quality Training and Collaboration for School Communities

 What is Schoot and who is it for?
Schoot is a subscription based, online platform, designed to inspire successful educators through on-demand, high-quality training and opportunities for collaboration with other colleagues in primary, special and secondary school settings.

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Online collaboration groups - connect with peers, share learning, insights and support.

Live online learning events delivered by Schoot educational advisors.

Share documents & resources to invite questions, contribution, comment and adaptation.

Working together

to improve outcomes

Extensive training catalogue

We currently have over 200 training courses designed to meet the needs of executive leaders, school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants and governors in schools and MATs.

Our training catalogue is constantly expanding in response to schools’ ever changing needs and requirements.

Flexible and easy to use

Schoot training courses and our collaborative feature are simple, intuitive and easy to use, with staff and leaders being able to access both features whenever they wish and progress at their own pace. They are also able to keep a close track on the progress they are making on each course.

Each of our training courses is organised into a series of ‘bite size chunk’ modules/ sessions to promote flexibility and ease of access for all of our users.

Supports staff's effectiveness and well-being

Staff are able to access our CPD  during staff meetings and INSET days as well as having the choice to access training on days and times that fit in with their busy lives.  The work and time in creating the training and materials has been done for you, saving leaders valuable time!

Excellent value for money

We offer the highest quality value for money experience, through an extensive training catalogue, as well as secure access and unlimited opportunities for all staff teams to collaborate and inspire each other at school, group of schools and MAT level.

With no individual course fees, travel and supply teacher costs the financial benefits are huge.

Set up multiple collaboration groups

Our platform allows all Schoot members to create their own networks both in school and locally and join other groups with shared interests and roles & responsibilities. For example, Headteacher groups, English subject leaders’ group, maths subject leaders’ group, science subject leaders’ group etc

Users will have the facility to make links with and join other evolving  networks and groups of schools, both nationally and internationally.

Sharing documents & resources

Users can upload a range of documents, adapted course materials, important educational tweets, educational research, successful lesson plans and strategic plans to invite questions, contribution, comment and adaptation. 

Schoot users can feel confident that their data, documents, messages and communication on the Schoot platform are secure. A two factor authentication as well as other security measures are required for a user to login to the platform.

What does our high
quality training look like?

Our comprehensive training catalogue is highly structured, simple to access and straightforward to complete. Our training courses include a voiceover commentary and take educators through a series of short training sessions, step by step. Courses can be completed in one sitting or in chunks through ‘bite size’ sessions, supporting a flexible, efficient and satisfying experience for our users. Leaders and staff are able to track their progress throughout their training programme and receive certification at the end of each course.
(See example of our training below)

High Quality, Flexible Training for School Leaders  & Educators

Our training is research based, written by experts and ‘current’ in the education climate. High quality is the bed-rock of our training. We pride ourselves on offering CPD that schools need to help them to develop and improve their TEAMS. In addition, staff have the flexibility of accessing our training when it suits them and can complete the training in one sitting or in ‘bite size’ chunks. Our training can also be used by leaders during staff meetings, professional development meetings and INSET days.

Training Features

Our Schoot subscription offers extensive and unlimited access to all our training and materials. Our CPD training covers: all curriculum subjects;  senior leadership & governance; subject leadership; early years; curriculum and outstanding teaching & learning approaches. 

The training supports staff well being through the flexibility it offers and saves leaders valuable time when designing and delivering their annual training plans.

Collaborate and
Share Content Securely

Collaborate with colleagues within school and across groups of schools locally, nationally and internationally with Schoot.

Our collaborative feature within Schoot allows our users to access group discussions in order to share content, resources & documents and the latest news in education. Leaders can establish an unlimited number of groups to share ideas, good practice and strategy for their teams including school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants and governors.

Collaboration Features

Senior Leaders of schools and MATs are able to set up and view the subscription status of multiple collaborative groups including head teachers, senior leaders, subject leaders, SENCOs, early years leaders, teaching assistants and governors. Collaborative users can; access chats on computers, tablets or phones; upload and share documents; invite other colleagues within and beyond the school and feel secure on the platform with two factor authentication to login.

from happy clients 


Online training from Schoot has transformed the way we approach professional development across our trust. Staff have access to high quality, online learning that matches the needs of the trust, as well as the needs of individual schools. Staff feedback has been extremely positive with staff noting how the training is current, well resourced and informative and as a result supporting them as professionals to improve their own subject knowledge and pedagogy. The high level of engagement from all our teachers is testament to the offer that Schoot provide.

Liz Peacock

Trust Education Director, Vantage Academies Trust. September 2021


The beauty of Schoot is the flexibility it provides. I have used it in so many ways, whether it has been in a whole school inset run by myself or specific training sessions completed at home, the impact has been great. Not only has this improved staff well-being and workload, but the flexibility has allowed me to revisit the training at a later date to ensure it is embedded in my school. Staff feedback has been incredibly positive and we cannot wait to start this again this year.

Rhian Williams

Executive Principal, Gorton Primary School. September 2021

An annual subscription offers unlimited access to all training and the Schoot collaboration Facility.

When your school subscribes, all leaders and members of staff and governors/ trustees can register and access all of our training at any time and as often as they wish or is required. The training can also be used for staff meeting and INSET days.

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